Translate Complexity into a Clear Visual✍️

Energizes and directs your team ⚡️

Shared vision energizes and directs the team

Words don’t trigger imagination - images do

Discussion don’t get solved with more meetings

Don’t talk about vision - show it

It's not about art - it's about clarity

A few practical examples:

Example Jeftas work - Visual as Instagram for Reports • Compass Ron de Waard

Instagram for Reports
The visual overview that makes your report clear and exciting.

Example Jeftas work - Visual Project Summary - Connecting Stakeholders • Ministerie LNV Bee Prepared

Project Summary
Every stakeholder can find their place & role in the project.

Example Jeftas work - Energized Team • Strategiefabriek shared vision

Shared Vision
Go from confusion to a having the team share a single Visual story.

Example Jeftas work - Visual Value Proposition • Cross-Over Coaching-1

Visual Proposition
Impress your clients with this Wow-factor visual.


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1-on-1 Conversation coaching coach gesprek 1op1 FODA
Head shot Jefta Bade • Circle - Positive Energy ⚡️

About Jefta

As a conversation partner to managers and directors I invite new thinking and fresh perspective (by making it visual!) ✍️

I'm a people-person and I'm obsessed with helping other people grow. ❤️

With my family (of 3 young kids) we left the Netherlands to slow travel the world. Currently staying in Costa Rica! 🌴

Praise From Other Leaders:

Head Shot Karin Selback • Director at Municipality of Amsterdam

"I love how you can keep up with my thinking when I turn a corner at full speed."

Karen SelbackDirector at Municipality of Amsterdam

Social Quote 2_Ilan Goren Head shot

"Jefta has a talent and a commitment to making teams  feel invincible, smarter and more collaborative than ever before. Right on!"

Ilan Goren • Editor, Europe at LinkedIn News

Head shot Melanie Volkmann 1

"I feel extremely empowered after our meeting. I feel confident in my authenticity and in being me. Loved it!!! #Co-creation #bringoutthebest"

Melanie VolkmannGeschäftsführer DACH at Sana Commerce

9-Field Structure

With my unique visual framework (the 9-Field Structure) I’ll help put your thoughts on paper in a structured way so we can use pattern recognition. You’ll uncover new insights and reach higher levels of clarity.

Filter - Use the 9-Field Structure to go from information overload to insights and overview

Too Much Information, Not Enough Overview

I know how frustrating it is to have so many ideas that you can’t get across what you mean any more.

In the last 10 years I’ve worked with leaders from education to consultancy firms to government and board members of 10-figure businesses.
They all have the same challenge: too much information, not enough overview.

Let me help you translate complexity and information overload into a super clear visual that energizes and directs your team. ✍️

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