Live ONLINE Visual Communication Training with ΓΌber practical tools

Your plan in a single visual overview πŸ–Ό

For visual thinkers who want to step away from the computer and express themselves naturally

πŸ‘‰  Communicate with extreme clarity
πŸ‘‰  Get to the core fast
πŸ‘‰  More structured thinking at work

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Use the power of VISUAL communication

πŸ‘‰ Structure your thinking β€’ Get to the core fast

πŸ‘‰  No more endless blah blah β€’ Be extremely clear and to the point

πŸ‘‰  Capture emotion β€’ Create authentic connection

πŸ‘‰  Trigger the imagination β€’ Work becomes FUN again!

Brown Paper Power of Visual Communication - 2

Stop sending thick reports πŸ“‘
that nobody wants to read anyway

Hybrid training

First you'll get the theory from short video modules. THEN a 2 hour live group conference call to make it practical.

After training 1.500+ people THIS format is the fastest way to grow!

For WHO?

For action takers who work with temporary teams.

These visual thinkers want to share the bigger picture they see in their mind with the team so everybody can help mak the plan a success.

This is NOT for...

Shop-a-holics - People who buy a training on impulse but never take action.

Voyeurs - Stop lurking in the background. This training works only if you work.

3 Week course

You'll learn to use the 3-step  Extreme Clarity Communication Method (Exco for short) in 3 weeks. 

Brown paper Home Page visual 3 steps to visual communication - one overview

Week 1
OVERVIEW by structure
From spaghetti mess to structured thinking

Week 2
DRAW what you mean
Use simple and effective drawings

Week 3
SHARE to connect
Give 'purpose' a place in your visual story

Member success

Member Success - 1 Not art - go for clarity

A real eye opener!

"I send in my visual overview to the board of directors. I was under time pressure and thought 'I have to send in SOMETHING. I just didn't have a choice.'

I wasn't happy with what I'd made. Yet the director's reaction was so POSITIVE, they were so IMPRESSED, that I realized: The visual is clear. It doesn't need to be pretty. That was a real eye-opener to me."

Chris de Vries
Digital Transition Advisor at Ittanex

Member Success - 3 Colleagues love my drawings - FUN

Colleagues love my drawings, it’s more fun this way!

β€œNow I enjoy making visuals. I made a visual overview for my team meeting and send a video fly-over.
Fun to do. People get SUPER excited.”

Christa van Dijk
Remedial educationalist / behavior scientist

Member Success - 2 Clients love my questions

Get to the essence fast.

"My manager was about to go into a big meeting. After a few of my β€˜get to the core’ - questions I showed her my visual notes. 

She said: 'Fantastic how you got the essence. That’s exactly it'. "

Geert Vlogman
Incident prevention manager, ProRail [Dutch Railway maintenance company]

How to Join Dare2Draw

1. Book a Clarity Call
Have a 15 min call with Jefta to set your learning goals

2. Onboarding Call
We guide you step-by-step onto the online platform

3. Join the LIVE training
Meet the rest of you group and enjoy the ride!

Exco Jefta Torso_Circle

Here's a little bit about ME...

I'm actually a Design Thinking engineer from the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands

I'm Dutch πŸ‡³πŸ‡± and often talk English πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ with my wife who is American/Danish/NewZealander and Oh also Dutch, sinds 2019 πŸ˜…

With my family we travel and live in Latin America. 🌎  My 3 kids are all excellent communicators.

As a clarity consultant I often worked with board members, management teams and individuals like the global head of innovation for multinationals. 

In 2021 I helped the Royal Dutch Flower Exchange to clarify their digital ambition. This is what that looked like:

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