Work Visual! ✍️

In this 1 hour FREE event you'll join other dyslexic thinkers to unlock your talent.

Brown paper drawing by Jefta - Team connected to a shared purpose in a single visual overview

Complexity Made Simple

For visual thinkers who are frustrated with text and thick reports

Learn about the über effective 9-Field Structure and use it as a FILTER. Go from information overload to insights and key take-aways.

Date: 🗓  Tuesday May 24th 2022 
Time: ⏰ 17:00 Amsterdam Time (CEST) 
that is 8 am San Francisco Time (PDT)

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Join! Unlock your visual thinking

What you'll learn:

  • Express yourself visually
  • Convince your audience
  • Draw live 'in the moment'
  • Make your one visual overview look GOOD

What people say:

  • "I feel more confident in my drawing skills."
  • "I presented visually and won the contract!"
  • "I thought I can't draw - but this I can!"
  • "Super practical tips!"

Social proof

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Screen Shot Linkedin Comment last Masterclass_Lysanne van der Voort - Concept designer
Screen Shot Linkedin Comment last Masterclass_Paul Leistra - Sustainability Trainer and coach
Screen Shot Linkedin Comment last Masterclass_Ralf Immers - Sustainability Creative

Express yourself visually

This is a FREE online event. Invite others!

The next step is the D2D visual communication training 👇


Learn the über practical communication tools to draw your project proposal in a single visual overview ✍️

From empty white paper to good looking visual that you use to get people to say 'Yes!' to your proposed change.

In  3 times a live 3-hour online training. 

Extreem Helder Communiceren Blije energie lachende klanten
Head shot Jefta Bade Draw the Change March 2022


I'm Dutch! Dat betekent dat je me ook altijd in het Nederlands kan berichten!
Wel zo makkelijk!

In case you're curious...

Here's a little bit about ME...

Helping managers, experts and advisors to structure their thoughts, get to the core and create a single visual overview to bring their message across with EXTREME clarity.

  • Studied Design Thinking at Delft University of Technology 👉 I've become a STRUCTOPATH - Whatever we're doing, it needs to have a purpose and 'place'. 🎯
  • Produced feature films for cinema 👉 Bringing together 900 people to work towards a single shared vision. 🎥
  • Visualized strategy & vision for 100+ organisations like Port of Amsterdam, Deloitte,  Ministry of Economic Affairs in federal and international level
  • For the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality we involved 800 people in live events in all provinces across the whole NL and got them to adopt a new way of working

  • Trained international facilitators in highly acclaimed Kairos Society event. 

  • Supporting digital transition at Erasmus university

As a board room sparring partner I help executives with a fresh perspective (by making it visual!) ✍️
I'm a people-person and I'm obsessed with helping other people grow. ❤️

With my family (of 3 young kids) we packed up our house and now travel the world as Digital Nomads. Currently staying in Mexico! 🇲🇽

Step away from the computer

Draw out your project proposal with ease and confidence!