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We kennen elkaar via Draw for Good. Nu werken we vanuit het merk JeftaBade.com. Welkom! 


You know Jefta Bade via Draw for Good - welcome to our new brand JeftaBade.com

What's next

The 9-Field Structure is one of the most useful tools in you daily work.
I teach this framework in free online videos, masterclass,
our 9 week online course and via in-company training.

20220310 Free Masterclass Get to the Core

Experience yourself

Join this free 1 hour masterclass full of energy & interaction. Learn to use the 9-Field Structure.

Extreem Helder Communiceren Blije energie lachende klanten

Online Course

Transform yourself into a visual connector, in a 9 week course.
Pagina in het Nederlands 🇳🇱

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Create a shared language that helps everybody get to the core. Make work fun & exciting!

Jefta shares visualizer Secrets White Blast Extreme Clarity Communication

Visualizer Secrets 🕵️

Tap into my weekly Visualizer Secrets. I share my best tips&tricks to help you get to the core in any conversation. Bring across your message with EXTREME clarity